We do

(work in progress)

  • Online or offline surveys and questionnaires to
    • measure various aspects of human cognitive or social behavior, specializing in decision making and risk-taking, trust behavior, and deception.
    • assess customer or employee satisfaction.

We can implement a questionnaire with questions provided by you, or design and implement one from scratch to meet your goals, and tailored to your target audience.

  • Data analysis
  • Modeling
    • computational modeling of (human) cognition, e.g., connectionist networks, symbolic models, mathematical models.
    • building models from data, e.g., probabilistic graphical Bayesian models.

Tools we use

  • Java, C, Python, Pearl, (Matlab)
  • Inquisit, Qualtrics, Limesurvey
  • R, MS Excel
  • PYMC3, pytorch


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