Ut4M — we did it … again!

Ut4M 40 Chartreuse, that is, a 42-kilometer mountain marathon with total ascent of 2540 meters and descent of 2610 meters. Two years ago we were not allowed to continue from the last check point, because we did not have lamps with us (the lamps were optional that year!). It was 7pm., we had about ten kilometers to go, and the sun was not going to set in another hour and a half. But rules are rules are regulations, and those are very strict here in France. Basically, the race organizers have to insure all the participants, and that’s why they want to make sure that everyone finishes safely, or does not finish at all. Mountain rescue is very expensive.

This year, we were better trained and better prepared. And we were also much faster; we reached the last checkpoint two hours earlier than two years ago, and reached the finish line in Grenoble at 7:30pm.

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