Corn fields and much more

On average, in South-Eastern Indiana countryside,
Ghost holiday resort south of Monroe Lake Corn is growing fast Fish are jumping This land is my land Refueling in Leesville
Leesville Abandoned farm between Leesville and Medora Medora It's hot Alien
Medora Medora Bridge (1875) Medora Bridge over East Fork of White River Vallonia Beware
Firework at Starve Hollow Campground Starve Hollow Lake at sunset and at sunrise Muddy waters of White Oak Branch Children of the Corn as they grow older
Ghost store Morning oats at Clifty Falls Campground Tunnel Falls from above Tunnel Falls Railroad tunnel started in 1852 but never finished
Limestone Moderately rugged hiking trail Jungle Crossing Clifty Creek with style
Trunk Forest again Clifty Falls itself Not so rugged trail Ohio river
Clifty Canyon Seymour suburb Bells Ford Bridge has the swing (1869) Bells Ford Bridge over East Fork of White River The road also has the swing
Houston Hoosier National Forest to the east Hoosier National Forest to the west Who's here