Day 1 - From Bloomington to Bedford

The first day of our 250-mile and six-day bicycling tour in southern Indiana starts grey and with sprinkling rain. After an hour's ride we reach Harrodsburg and eat our lunch sandwiches. Another hour takes us to Avoca where we change lighter lenses to our sunglasses (no sun so far). When we reach Oolitic (the home of Indiana Limestone), not so many miles away, the sun reappears. Back to the dark lenses!

Soon after noon we reach Bedford, where we have planned to overnight. We get our accommodation in Rosemount Motel, and head back to the city for lunch. Easier said than done. During our mission we escape a light shower to a local bar, Rusty's Tavern. Except some old timers in the tavern, the city is pretty much dead.

So, we are back on our bicycles and heading towards SR-37 and Stonehenge Steakhouse. We are early for dinner, so we hang out in a freezing bar for a while and finally, have our overcooked steaks.

It is not later than 6:30p.m. when we are back in the motel and start looking for evening entertainment. There seems to be two options: Bible study and Bingo. We choose to watch TV in our motel room and have a good night sleep.

Almost ready Barn Happy Biker Indiana swamp Avoca City - meats gas oil
Indiana scenic road 17 Indiana scenic road 17 Down to the quarry Indiana Limestone Inc. in Oolitic, IN Oolitic, the limestone capital of the world
Quarriors Oolitic town hall and fire station Oolitic limestone architecture Bedford, cemetery RIP
Bedford cemetery Bedford cemetery Life is short. Us 50 in Bedford Bedford City
Day 2