Logroņo (July 20 - 26, 2003)

We spent a week in Logroņo, Spain, where I attended the 8th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference. We stayed at University Student Residence, not far from campus nor downtown. It was comfortable, relatively cheap accommodation and offered a decent breakfast. The chimney outside of our room was inhabited by a stork couple. They kept awful noise in the early morning hours.

Since I spent most of the forenoons attending the conference, we usually hit the town at siesta time. Fortunately, some of the places were open for tourists. Unfortunately, those places were not the ones with the best food or drinks.

As usual, most of the time we spent just walking the streets up and down, stopping here and there for a beer or glass of wine. We also visited the House of Sciences across the river Ebro.

See below our photographs of Logroņo (and us), then continue to the picture page of wine tour we took, and finally enjoy some views of the road trip from Logroņo to Madrid.

A view from our residence window

Another view over the pool

A camisole

De Portales

Bar La Viguita

De Portales again

Old and new Logroņo
Puente de Hierro over the river Ebro Iglesia de Santiago el Real
The park by the Ebro, where we went running in the mornings.

Puente de Piedra. In the background there is the Plaza de Toros

The House of Sciences

Art not science

A male ostrich

Tomi's playing for money

Flap dance

Flap dance II

Plaza de Abastos, market built on the foundations of the old church of San Blas in 1930

Jamon jamon!



La Concatedral de Santa Maria La Redonda

Thirsty night crawlers

Gourmet meal with red wine (and Hemingway)

It's getting cold




Anorectic dream

Too much vacation makes Tei X-ray

Working hours

Night flowers

Logroņo recycles

Last night out

Breakfast on the road

Wine tour