Japan December 2011 - January 2012

First time ever in Japan, it is strange - it was supposed to be, and it is. And at the same time, it is not difficult. Things work. It is systematic, so it is possible to find our way to places, get food, accommodation, etc. We had bought three-week JR rail passes ahead of time, so we will travel by train - an adventure. Below we have divided our travel log into six portions named by our main destinations. Welcome aboard!
Tokyo Takayama Kyoto Niseko Nagano Tokyo
We fly to Narita and try to find our way to our first hotel in Jimbocho. The start of the adventure. From Tokyo we take a train to Takayama. We experience the southern Japanese alps and its snowy temples. We spend the new year in Kyoto where we tour the temples by the mountains. We travel all the way north to the island of Hokkaido, and engage in some winter sports. The Olympic city of Nagano and a day trip to see the bathing snow monkeys. Back in Tokyo, and a bit more time to explore this interesting city.