Spring has sprung

We migrated this blog from Amazon Web Services to GoDaddy just recently. Hopefully nothing got broken in the process. Other than that there has not been much activity here.

We’ve been sick on and off, especially Tei, since our Interrail trip to Spain(*) in November; nothing severe, not even fever, but just sore throat, runny and stuffy nose, and a a lot coughing. January was fine, but then it began again in February. For the first three weeks it felt like it was not going anywhere; it was so frustrating since I did not feel good enough to run — btw, breathing is so overrated! But then suddenly I started to get much better fast, and have started exercising again.

Because of the recent warmer weather and heavy rains, we are seeing more and more fresh green on the surrounding mountains, like below, on La Bastille hill. Our small rose plant and mint in our herb garden are also sprouting new leaves.

(*)You can read about and look at the photos of our Interrail trip <a href=”http://dofigure.com/travel/Interrail-2016/index.html”>here</a>.

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