Pravouta (1760m)

Our easy and short recovery hike turned out quite differently from yesterday’s hike, besides being short and easy(sh). As soon as we got out of the car at the parking of Col-des-Ayes it started raining. The rain soon stopped and we had to peal off the rain jackets, since we got quite warm in the uphill.

Chamechaude, the highest peak in the Chartreuse range, seen from the summit of Pravouta.

The climb to Col-des-Ayes (1538m)

A different perspective to sunny summit of Chamechaude, seen from the short climb to Pravouta from Col-de-Pravouta.

Black grouch inhabits Pravouta, the neighboring Roc d’Arguille, and the plateau de Pravouta below. The access to the southern slope of Pravouta is forbidden for hikers to protect nesting of these birds.

Roc d’Arguille.

Dent de Crolles, the second highest peak on the Chartreuse range.

As soon as we summitted Pravouta the rained rolled in with strong winds, and on went the rain jackets again.

Even the sheep thought it is much more comfortable to be at the lower altitude when the rain comes.

The sheep number 7.

This hike was only 4.88km long but we ascended and descended 350 meters in two hours.

A coin laundry on the supermarket parking lot. Very handy indeed. Since we had a car, we did our Sunday shopping at Intermarché located out of town, which carries so much better selection than any of the shops in the town and is also much less crowded. We have visited this place several times to buy water on our long runs.


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