Le debut de bicycling season

(April 17, 2017) Yesterday we did our weekly long run on Vercors plateau under cloudy skies and in a freezing wind. Today we did an easy recovery “run” on two wheels under the perfect blue sky and just cold wind, riding to Voreppe along the Isère river (~40km).

Once in Voreppe, we had a quite a climb to the new church, nouvelle Église Saint-Didier, built in 1800’s to replace the old one.

And then even more to climb to the old church, Église prieurale Saint-Didier, existence of which has been first documented in 1109.

The old cemetery.

Several of these face figures decorate the walls of the old church, but it was not clear to us what their meaning was.

A view over Voreppe and to the Southern end of the Vercors range.

My bicycling buddy.

The unfortunate thing about France is, especially with its small towns, that it is hard to find a place to eat on public holidays. Another unfortunate thing is that the only place open would be an American fast food restaurant. This was our first meal at McDonald’s for years, the last time being in Singapore at King Albert Park, a neighborhood mall colloquially known as McDonald’s House that has since given gave way to KAP, a mix of a condo and commercial units, aka a mall. Or was it in Malacca for breakfast? Also the only place in town open before 11am. Anyway.

Burger Le Royal Deluxe. As the food in McDonald’s in Singapore was bad, so it is here in France, too.

More bicycling to come in the future as we are planning our first tour in Europe in nine years.

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