Tour des Petites Roches

This time we had an earlier start and headed to Chartreuse. We parked the car on the church parking lot in Le Tournoud, in Commune de St. Pancrasse. There was a memorial for the “children” of the community who had deceased in WWII, referred to as “les Petites Roches.” I […]

Second week of winter vacation

For our second week of Winter vacation we returned to Grenoble. The snow situation was no better around the town, but there was a strange meteorological phenomenon going on, known as inversion: the temperature increased with altitude causing the low-hanging clouds to block pollution close to the ground. For the […]

Winter vacation in Serre Chevalier

We spent one week (Dec 17-24) Winter vacationing in Serre Chevalier valley in Hautes-Alpes, a two-hour bus ride South from Grenoble. We stayed at chalet studio in La Salle les Alpes/Villeneuve at the altitude of 1400 meters. This sad little snowperson epitomizes our winter break. It was a lovely week, […]

Second winter hike — Le Sénépy

This hike was quite different from the last weekend’s in so many ways. First, we were much better prepared for the chilly weather. Second, we had a lot of sun as we climbed to the top of the mountain staying mostly on open slopes (which also exposed us to strong […]

The first and only Fall hike

We’ve been quite occupied with our bathroom renovation for some time now, and it is still not finished. On top of that, since our Interrail trip to Spain we’ve both been sick with flu-like symptoms with a lot of coughing and runny noses but no fever. Instead of staying at […]

Bathroom saga

We started the bathroom project in February 2016, little after initiating the kitchen project. While the kitchen renovation was only partial, we wanted the bathroom completely redone. The old bathroom had a wash basin and both a bath tub and a shower, and very bad lighting. The toilet seat was […]

Perfect weekend for long runs

Tomi’s been in cold and humid Finland for this past week, while Tei has enjoyed quite aestival weather in Grenoble. Althought the mornings have been cool, the daytime temperatures have climbed to mid-twenties. On Saturday morning it was time to climb Mont Rachais (1050m). Leaving at 9am. it was only […]